Share your images and videos securely and anonymously, and decide when you want them to stop being available. For Free and without registration!

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Limits: images up to 3mb (.jpg or.jpeg) or videos up to 30mb (.avi, .mov y .mp4).

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Secure collaboration

Share files securely. If someone tries to download your photos or videos, it will be very difficult!

Temporary files

You decide the expiration of your files: when expired, they will disappear forever and will be deleted from the server.

Universal secure access

No signup needed, no need to download anything on your phone or computer. Access from any device via web.

Encrypted backups

Your files always safe and available until they expire. Encrypted backups.

Always anonymous

Upload and share the link to your files anonymously. Your identity is safe.

Point-to-point encryption

Only you decide with whom to share your files. We can not even see them!

Remember that you are the only responsible for the content you upload and share. Do not upload content that does not belong to you or without the consent of those who appear in it.

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