Privacy and Cookies Policy

Last updated: 24 Apr 2017

Privacy was the one of the main reasons behind the creation of this site. Read on to see how your privacy is protected.

So how private is this site exactly

By default images are covered with multiple layers of protection. The SSL encryption prevents unauthorised interception of the data that your browser exchanges with our web server. Images are not stored on the server indefinitely. They are kept for exactly the period that is specified in sharing settings. After the said period, they are automatically deleted. No backups or other ways exist to recover the images. TMPSEE guarantees that your uploads are available online at most for the time that you specified or less.

It's not impossible, but pretty hard for a 3rd party, to download the files shared on TMPSEE. For instance, it's not possible to just right-click and save image. Due to the way the images are loaded, they are not registered as a resource by the browser at all. But even if all of the above is bypassed, every image is watermarked.

Data protection

In accordance with data protection laws, we are not saving any of the identifying data that free users provide to us either, except their IP for functional purposes. PRO users must register and therefore we will store the personal data provided, in addition to their IP, to guarantee the contracted service. All information is deleted when a PRO user cancels the service or when a file uploaded by a free user expires.

Cookies and Tracking

TMPSEE uses Google Analytics to understand how site performs and to know the needs of its audience. Google Analytics uses cookies to track users. The cookies are set for the SITE_URL domain, effectively meaning that the site itself sets and uses cookies. Please refer to Google Analytics privacy policy for more information. Cookies are sparsely and rarely used by the site itself to facilitate its functionality. Cookies are created for specific users and for specific use-cases and usually are stored only for a few seconds. No private or technical information is stored. We also use cookies and other tracking media to offer our visitors third-party advertising using platforms like Google Adsense or similar.

Changes to this privacy policy

The Privacy Policy page may be updated from time to time to reflect the current state of things. Please check this page regularly to keep yourself informed.

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