Terms of Service

Last updated: 24 Apr 2016


Welcome to TMPSEE! It's always great to see you here. Please, read this page to the end before use our website. The use of this service entails the acceptance of each and every one of the rules and conditions of use.

What is this site?

This is the temporary files (images, videos and ZIPs) sharing site. The one where you would upload your photos, videos or zip files, get the link in return and share it with your friends/colleagues/relatives/clients and other folk to discuss, plan and share opinions on.

And what's special about that?

The main difference from most other image hosting sites is the increased level of security and privacy that you get, sharing a file with the site. You are promised that the files are very hard to download, unless you configure it otherwise.

With TMPSEE you get such things as a single view option, short life times, granular access control and much, much more.

All files that do not have any visitors will be deleted automatically after 3 days after their upload.

Things you should not do

  • Don't break the law.
  • Don't upload sick stuff (e.g.: child porn/erotica, etc.).
  • Don't disrupt the service.
  • Don't share other peoples' private information without their consent.
  • Don't disrespect or insult people.
  • Don't fish for data or personal info.

Things you should do

  • Do have fun
  • Do enjoy your privacy
  • Do upload your files and share them with whomever you like
  • Do socialise and make friends


Please check our Privacy Policy for better understanding of the topic.

Privacy is very important here. TMPSEE respects your anonymity and privacy settings. Files are not stored on the server after time that you specify.

Personalised features

At this point TMPSEE does not offer registration or other user account functionality to use our services free. However, you can upgrade to a PRO plan with which you can access more and better conditions in exchange for a very small monthly fee. You can unsubscribe this service whenever you want.


The site may have some sort of an advertisement applied to its pages. This may depend on the site that you came from (if any). This also may depend on the number of users currently viewing the same page - the higher the number, the higher the chance of the ad being displayed.

We need to show you advertising to be able to pay the costs inherent to the service (server, maintenance, etc). So we appreciate your understanding and that the website may not be available if an ad blocker such as AdBlock or similar is detected. In this case, please disable the extension to use the website.

PRO users can disable advertising on their shared files because they are already paying a fee.


Drop an email to info@tmpsee.com to ask for help or to suggest implementing a new feature.


Every site has it's downtimes. This is one is not an exception. The site might have bugs and not be available at times. You are promised that such cases are as rare as possible and the site is kept operational to the best ability of the people maintaining it. The files might disappear earlier than promised.

While it's very hard for an average user and TMPSEE does a good job at achieving that, you shouldn't assume that it's impossible to steal a file from our site. We should never be blamed for any kind of problems that you would get yourself in after sharing a file here. We can not ensure that a person uses any way to bypass our protection measures and steal content without your consent. You are solely responsible for the content you upload and share, and with whom you share it. When you upload a file, you expressly acknowledge that you have all the necessary permissions to upload and share that content and that you are not breaking any law. We reserve the right to delete any file and block an account without prior notice.

Updates to this Terms of Service

This terms of service page will get updated to comply with the actual state of things. Check back occasionally


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